Finding a Hotel in Nelson

It’s the sunniest part of the country, found on the tip of the South Island and a favourite with international and domestic visitors every year. Because of all of the attractions there are plenty of places to stay, and trying to find the right one for your needs can feel a little complicated.

As Nelson Airport is not international, getting to this vibrant city from overseas will require a flight to one of New Zealand’s main centres such as Auckland or Christchurch and then a connecting flight from there to Nelson. Alternatively if you are travelling around the country by car then it’s important to note that you will be travelling a considerable amount of time. After so much travelling you are going to want somewhere to stay that is going to make you feel more than comfortable.

Whether you are staying for a holiday or travelling on business, it’s a good idea to select a hotel that is more than a home away form home, a place you might never want to leave. There is nothing worse than spending a day out, either working or exploring only to come back to a room where you can’t relax and unwind to ready yourself for the next day.

Staying in a resort may be your answer. A resort offers more than just accommodation, and can sometimes be so lovely you don’t want to leave the premises to explore any further! This can make it a perfect option for those getaway weekends where you just want to spend some quality time with a partner, or invest in recharging your own batteries.

Looking at resorts, we know they offer dining on site, like hotels do but often can offer other services as well that make them an attractive choice when looking to book a hotel in Nelson, New Zealand. It may also include a hair salon, or a beauty therapist, and of course no place in the area is complete without some sort of craft shop, as this part of the country is the craft and art capital of the country.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, finding a good place to keep up the exercise can sometimes be an issue when travelling, so investigate whether the places you are looking at have a gymnasium and perhaps a heated pool you can use to do a few laps in or at the very least, swan about in.

If you’re booking a place to stay to celebrate, or as a honeymoon, you’ll want a place that offers both space and privacy, so find out what size rooms are available, and whether they offer privacy and a little distance from your next door neighbours.

Most importantly, if you are booking a hotel in Nelson, New Zealand, select one you instinctively love. It’s a great idea to feel like you’ve got a little bit of opulence and beauty around you where ever you are staying, so you’ll come home refreshed and pleased you took the time to go away.

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