The Caribbean – A World of Possibilities

No other kind of holiday conjures images of luxury and indulgence quite like a vacation in the Caribbean. Luxury hotels, secluded white sand beaches, sparkling blue waters under a sultry sun, and lounging around being served colorful drinks by the poolside while native bands play the region's unique brand of soulful jazz nearby are just some of the things that probably come to mind. But it does not have to be a dream – these are just a few of the things you can expect on a holiday to a Caribbean island!

So Many Islands, So Many Possibilities

Perhaps the hardest thing about going to this holiday paradise is pinpointing exactly where to go. With over 35 unique destinations to choose from – encompassing islands which have almost everything you're looking for in a hedonistic retreat including Caribbean luxury hotels, wonderful local color, fun and exciting events, and of course the requisite beach – making up your mind can be quite a challenge.

Exactly what you want to do is perhaps the largest determinant in choosing the island where you're going for your holiday in the Caribbean. Luxury hotels, transport, modern facilities and other amenities abound in almost every single destination, so the choice you make is really a matter of what constitutes holiday fun for you!

Surf or Snorkel?

White sand beaches can often be found on the doorstep of Caribbean luxury hotels, but you can easily narrow down the choices by deciding whether you prefer the calm warmth of the waters in the islands facing the Caribbean Sea for swimming (sometimes even with dolphins) snorkelling, and scuba diving; or perhaps you would rather the cooler waves of the eastern side of islands closest to the Atlantic which are perfect for surfing, windsurfing and other fun activities.

Not Just the Beach?

If spending your entire holiday lounging on the beaches is not enough enough for you, do not worry. The islands provide many other ways for you to entertain yourself. If birding and botany are your interests, some of the islands are also home to lush rainforests with a wide variety of bird and plant species.

If more cosmopolitan pursuits such as nightlife, shopping, golf or horseback-riding are how you want to spend time away from your Caribbean luxury hotels, you can choose the larger islands with larger towns. Whatever it is you're looking for, there's a Caribbean island that's perfectly suited for you!

Can not Decide?

Unless you're just planning to just stay indoors or by the poolside of one of those amazingly indulgent Caribbean luxury hotels, in which case any of the islands will do, you will need to do a little research to see which of the numerous Caribbean islands are best suited to your dream holiday. Whatever you decide upon, each of these tropical islands has its own charm and, if you choose correctly, you may just be heading for the most memorable holiday of your life!

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