What Is An Inn?

An inn is an old fashioned term for a place where travelers seek lodgings for a night. It goes back quite a bit in time where inns were first established thousands of years ago as the Roman’s built their road system. They figured that people using those roads would also need somewhere to stay along the way on long journeys and the inn as we know it was born.

Back then, an inn was a place where you could rest, and also somewhere that you could get food. They had stables in the back for your horses to stay and instead of there being a lobby like we see in hotels these days, back then, you would have to knock on the door and the owner of the establishment, the innkeeper would answer the door and see if you were suitable to be allowed entry.

As we became more industrialized, more inns began to spring up, but they followed closely the routes of the transportation of the time. That is, if guests would be traveling by stagecoach, the inns would be on main roads that were frequented by the stagecoaches on their routes. When trains became the norm, they would only stop at select places along a route, and that is where you would find inns. People would get off the train and need somewhere close to the station to stay.

Today, with everyone owning a car or two, and freeways the popular way to travel, what do you see at most exits on the highways? That’s right, they are full of hotels of every description. The same philosophy holds true like it did all those years ago, inns, hotels, motels and even bed and breakfast establishments need to be where the travelers will be.

Nowadays of course, the word inn is sometimes just a part of a hotel company’s name, other times they don’t use the word at all, but instead are known as motels or hotels depending on the level of service they provide. Gone are the stables and instead we see parking lots for our ‘horses’. While it may have changed a bit, the main idea has stayed the same for centuries.

Some country pubs in Europe are still called inns as they always have been. They are more just a place to grab a drink with friends rather than to stay, but the history remains the same.

Hosteling – Keep Travel Costs Low

You might think of hosteling as something that college students do while traveling through Europe for the summer. However, hosteling is not just for the college crowd anymore, and now includes people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are a traveler on a budget, staying at a hostel can be an adventure that will add to your travel experience.

Staying in a hostel will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and many travelers would prefer to spend the money on a traditional hotel. Hostel traveling is best suited to those traveling alone, or to young people traveling in groups. Hostels are not really recommended for families traveling with young children. In fact, many hostels do not accept children under a certain age.

Most hostels are set up like dormitory rooms, with several bunk beds arranged in the room, with anywhere from four to ten bunks per room. Each traveler is assigned a specific bed upon check-in.

Nearly all of the hostels in the United States group their accommodations according to gender, with the female guests in one section of rooms and the male guests in another. In multi-level hostels, males and females are often separated by floor.

It is not uncommon, however for European hostels (and those elsewhere around the world) to allow mixed genders to share a room. Make sure to ask about the policy of the hostel before you check in. I, as a woman traveling solo, have never encountered a problem with these arrangements, and I have stayed in hostels throughout Europe, including Rome, London and Amsterdam. Some visitors might be surprised or offended by these sleeping arrangements.

The bathroom accommodations at hostels differ also, with some rooms containing a shared bathroom and shower, while other hostels will have shower and bathroom facilities located in the hallway. If you would prefer not to share a bathroom with strangers, make sure you ask about the hostel’s policy ahead of time.

More often now, reservations are becoming increasingly vital at hostels, especially during the summer months in popular cities. It is now not at all unusual for hostels in popular tourist cities to be booked solid for months, where once it was common for travelers to be able drop by the hostel and expect to get a bed.

Price is by far the biggest appeal of staying at hostels. The nightly rate for a hostel is usually no higher than $25 or $30 per night, with most costing even less. With the average hotel room cost somewhere around $100 to $150 in many cities, it is easy to see why hostels are becoming such a popular alternative.

Another benefit of staying in a hostel is that the staff is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable about the local area. Unlike many staff members of some luxury hotels, who travel in from the outlying areas and rarely see the city in which they work, hostel staff tend to live in the city, and have an personal knowledge of the local sites, including which attractions are can’t miss and which ones aren’t worth the trip.

Hostels also usually have access to discounts and coupons for local area attractions and restaurants, and they can provide information on the best restaurants and hangouts around.

While not everyone will find a hostel appealing, and the accommodation of a local hostel are simple at best, they can be wonderful options for lodging for the budget minded traveler. After all, the goal of travel is to get out and see the world, and hostel travel lets you save money on lodging so that you can do just that.

Booking Your Hotel Accommodation at the Last Minute Can Save You Money

Many accommodation providers such as hotels, motels and serviced apartments often have a percentage of their rooms remain unsold in the normal course of business. They sometimes refer to these rooms as “distressed inventory” available at a discounted price. This allows them to realize revenue that would not normally be received. Rooms made available on websites could be discounted by as much as 60%. The term generally used to describe the discounted room rates is last minute accommodation rates or short rates.

You may ask what’s in it for the hotel?

Discounting is not a new concept in this industry, though it has normally been promoted via corporate rates or bulk purchases. This new online delivery of room rates allows the accommodation providers to offer specials to the larger public. Like yesterday’s paper, the supplier would still rather have some revenue for the room than none at all.

A great tip for finding special rate deals is by typing “last minute accommodation rates” and the name of the city into your web search. Although there are many websites promoting these offers, a quick scan of the result pages will reveal those websites that display multiple offers on a single page. This makes for easy comparison between various suppliers. The full or rack rate together with the discount rate could be displayed and the magnitude of the saving becomes apparent.

Tips on booking your stay:

Last minute booking services are almost exclusively advertised online. This is because of the instant confirmations, live updates on availability and the huge audience that now exists online.

But when anyone provides credit card details online, they need to be as vigilant as if they were handing some cash on the street :

– Make sure that the payment pages are secured with HTTPS, as opposed to the regular HTTP address.

– Make sure the website has acceptable terms and conditions, you don’t want to be left empty handed because of the small print.

– The uncertainty of online transactions has led many suppliers to ask for a deposit, instead of full payment up front. This is a reasonable approach, as you would not normally pay for your stay until departure.

– Lastly, make sure the website offering the discount is providing confirmation of your payment and reservation.

Some services offer to “register your interest” and only when you have paid, will they check availability with the hotel or Motel. You may as well just call the provider yourself, if this is the case.

Though it should not need to be said, remember to take receipt of your online booking for check-in. Or if necessary you can call prior to confirm your booking and maybe also advise of check-in times, special needs or requests etc.

When booking your stay for transit over early morning departures, most providers have dedicated sections for accommodation listings close to the airport and also offer a free service or parking for up to a week. Alternatively you want to make sure a shuttle service is available from the motel or that they can organize such a service.

Typically last minute accommodation rates generally apply to the next 4 weeks or 28 days only. So for those spur of the moment spontaneous decisions it is ideal. Remember last minute rates are generally for two people only and you need to inquire if additional people can be accommodated and if so what the charge will be, check for any inclusions or extras on offer too. Inclusions can prove to be of excellent value and include such offerings as free breakfast, a bottle of champagne or drink voucher or perhaps a free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Hamilton Island Accommodation

As can be expected at any popular tourist destination, Hamilton Island offers a wide range of accommodation options for people with all types of budgets. You can choose from hotels (three star, four star or five star), luxurious resorts, apartments (1 bedroom to 4 bedroom), villas, and luxurious homes. You can choose the one that you fancy, basing your decision on the price and the facilities provided by each one of them.

o Hotels – Just like all over the world, one of the most popular hotel accommodation options. There are a number of budget and luxury hotels on the island that cater to the tourists. The hotels range from three star to five star and the amenities are world-class. Irrespective of your budget you can get something to suit you here. The Reef View Hotel and the Beach Club are two popular hotels, both of which are beachfront accommodations.

o Resorts – If you are looking for some more space than afforded hotels, you might like to go for one of the luxury resorts located on the island. These are quite expensive but the experience they provide would certainly be once in a lifetime. Qualia is one of the most popular luxury resorts on the island, located on its secluded northern tip.

o Villas – Stand alone homes are available aplenty on Hamilton Island. The villas are the most luxurious of these. If you are looking for privacy and do not want to give up any luxury, head for one of the numerous villas. Palm Terrace is a villa that is very popular among tourists.

o Apartments – The single most popular accommodation option on Hamilton Island are apartments. You get the privacy of home and all the services you need. You can cook your own meals and have a great experience. Apartments are available having one to four bedrooms. So you can either come with your large family or share the cost with some friends. Any which way, renting an apartment is a great way of spending your holiday on Hamilton Island.

Tips on Getting The Hotel With Best Deals

Are you thinking of taking a breather from your routine life and going off to a discount hotel somewhere nice? Before you pack, consider these 10 tips that will help.

1. Do not wait until the eleventh hour before you book a hotel. Book a room many days ahead; it will definitely be easier.

2. Book through tour operators who have a special agreement with airlines or hotels. Luxury hotels will give you this discounted perquisites if you go the package way.

3. Luxury hotels are adopting the bid or buy style to market their services.

4. Many hotels have travel agents with websites from which you can get a discount if you book through. You are also assured of great variety.

5. The aggression with which your tour operator bargains with is also important. You should therefore choose a tour operator wisely.

6. It is also easier to get discounts if you are booking many rooms. A group of 5 or more people can get group discounts.

7. If you pay for all your requirements in separate arrangements, you will spend more money than taking one complete vacation package.

8. Hotel rooms are also very discounted when it is off season. There are discounts to encourage travelers to book in off-season.

9. The other avenue of getting discounts is through the credit card you use to pay. Some are allied to luxury hotels.

10. The newest kids on the bloc will use discounts to entice patrons to their hotels. Therefore, watch out for newly established luxury hotels.

It is a matter of continuous searching. You should keep on looking out until the time you will sniff out a good deal from the pile.

World-Class Hotels Ins Monte Carlo

Monaco is an impressive nation in Europe located between the Mediterranean and the end of the Southern Alps. Monaco is the world's tiniest French-speaking countryside. Monaco is the holiday place where many of the cheap hotels are sited. One of its organizational areas is Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is an idyllic vacation destination for an amorous vacation where many travelers choose to stay on low-cost hotels but with outstanding accommodation.

Below given is a list of reasonably priced hotels in Monte Carlo:

Port Palace Hotel – The Stein Group Hotels
The Port Palace is a beautiful hotel over the viewing Monte Carlo anchorage. The Port Palace is a six-storey ivory white color hotel with 60 suites and rooms. The hotel's interior was designed by Leila Manchari with bright, light fabrics and modern fixtures.

General room facilities include Rollaway beds, hypo-allergic beddings, a DVD player, housekeeping, multi-line phones, and a personal bathroom. Other private amenities are spa tubs, walk-in showers, designer toiletries, bathrobes, slippers, sewing kit and a writing desk.

The hotel has a modern restaurant that offers all Mediterranean cuisines. Visitors can get pleasure from snacks, wines and cocktails in the hall bar through 24-hour facility. Health related options include yoga classes, a fitness room and a Turkish sauna or bath.

Businesses tourists are provided a comfortable stay attached by means of wireless internet access and by availing of the conference rooms for meetings and functions. Other services are currency exchange, 24-hour front desk, valet parking and dry cleaning.

The Port Palace has two diverse museums; one is for the belongings of the atmosphere and the compilation of early and classic automobiles, traditions and the person's lifestyle.

Hotel Terminus Monaco
The Hotel Terminus Monaco is a seven floor building located in 9th Avenue, Prince Pierre. This masterpiece is next to the harbor and about 550 meters away from the Prince Palace.

The hotel has magnificent 54 rooms planned in a Provencal-approach furnishing with safety spar for safety measures. Bathrooms are well-equipped with showers and bathtubs. Visitors are provided slippers and bathrobes for convenience.

People can take pleasure eating mouth-watering foods and cuisines at La Corail Bar and La Serviette. Business facilities offer communicating facilities and convention facilities that provide lodgings up to 60 individuals.

Le Meridian Beach Plaza
Le Meridian Beach Plaza is a four star luxurious hotel built close to the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel enterprises of 400 suites and rooms, and 66 among them facilitate an eye-catching view of the Mediterranean sea. The main lobby is fully constructed with a blue precious stone statuette and white marbles.

The Rooms and suites are highlighted in a Mediterranean fashion with a modern design. All basic amenities in every room comprise of study desks, mini chambers with sliding gate balconies that provide you an awesome view of the Princess Grace Avenue. This hotel also welcomes pets bought along with the guests.

Take pleasure feasting delicious cuisines at the Lintempo restaurant that serves Mediterranean dishes are prepared by Chef Emmanuel Lehrer. The hotel also provides in-house amenities like the fitness center, outdoor pool, gym, a gift shop, saunas, a beauty hair salon and commerce center.

Monte Carlo is the most incredible gemstone that offers a luxurious history, a rich heritage and stylish premeditated hotels. These hotels are the most preferred hotel and are among the top choices for tourists with a limited budget.

Host a Business Conference in a Hotel

When choosing a hotel in which to host a conference, there are several different factors, such as location and budget, which you need to consider.

To choose the best hotel for a conference, you need to do your research. Planning a conference involves a lot of schedule coordinating; you want to choose a date and time that does not conflict with national or company holidays, or industry events. In order for the conference to be successful, it needs to have a solid attendance rate, so you want to accommodate as many schedules as possible. Finding the perfect conference room also involves the perfect balance of determining what space is too small versus too large and available parking space.

When you choose the hotel, you need to factor in the purpose of the event or gathering, as well as the size, age range, gender mix, and any special needs of the perspective attendees. You need to book the hotel way in advance, so that you may select the best conference room. The key to organizing and hosting a successful conference is to be exceedingly well organized. You want to compose an outline for every session or activity. You should have a list of the number of anticipated participants, planned seating arrangements, requisite setup times, start and end times, and audiovisual and production needs.

You should also make note of the amount of food and number of beverages you need for the conference meals, reception, and breaks. You should take into account certain logistics of attendees, including air and road travel. The hotel you select should be easily accessible by multiple forms of transportation, such as subway and car.

You do not want the conference to consist of all work and no play! Investigate different recreational pursuits in the area; you want to choose a hotel that is located in a neighborhood that offers many different cultural pursuits. After a day of team-building exercises, you and your guests will probably enjoy exploring different avenues of fun.

Budgeting is arguably the most important aspect of establishing a conference. In order to create an accurate budget, you must ascertain which expenses will be assumed by the attendees and which will be assumed by the conference sponsor. To help you stay organized, you should create a balance sheet that lists the expenses for all aspects of the conference, which include marketing costs, staff time, transportation, accommodations, taxes and gratuities, entertainment and recreation, etc. Check with your company’s accounting firm to see how other conferences have been budgeted and contact the hotel to see what discounts and amenities it offers for conferences.

If you plan ahead and choose the right location, your conference should be a huge success.

Why Your Hotel Needs Google My Business

Search engines plays a pivotal role in the success hotels have in marketing and growing their business. Google is especially influential, making hotels more visible than ever to potential guests.

Google My Business is a free business listing you can create and is the best first step to ranking higher in search results and providing travellers with all the necessary information they need about your hotel.

Here’s why Google My Business is essential for your hotel (… and how you can improve your SEO)

Search engine optimisation is a complicated issue because Google is constantly updating its algorithms. Trying to update your website at the same pace is nearly impossible unless you’re using a smart website creator that evolves with new standards.

On the other hand, there are a few simple tasks you can complete to increase your chances of ranking high in search results.

Google My Business gets your hotel off on the right foot by taking your information and organising it into optimised fields on a template that ensures you, and your guests, don’t miss anything.

Using the tool you can:

  • List your hotel’s name, address, and phone number
  • Have a geo-marker on Google maps to highlight your location
  • Display unique photos
  • Display guest reviews
  • Provide any additional details relevant to travellers looking for information
  • Google My Business makes your hotel immediately more accessible. Potential guests can easily click ‘visit website’ or ‘call’ from the search result on Google.

This also encourages them to book directly with you instead of through commission-based online travel agents. It’s also very easy to edit all of your information once you have verified your business through your Google account, meaning even if you’re away you can still be managing your listing and influencing your search ranking.

To ensure your business listing is effective you need to make sure your details are always up-to-date and accurate.

You should consider adding videos in addition to your images and have at least five genuine guest reviews for your hotel.

More tips for mastering your hotel’s SEO

First impressions are always the most important. If you create an effective SEO strategy along with your Google listing and a beautiful website, you’re more likely to capture bookings in the first instance.

Here are some important guidelines to follow:

  • Research keywords and define your own list. Then use the most relevant and searchable on your website and in your content.
  • Quality content always ranks highly so make sure what you provide your site visitors is interesting and engaging. Keep it fresh too, that means updating regularly, so maintaining a blog on your website will make this easy.
  • Create cornerstone SEO pages by merging multiple pages that relate to similar keywords – otherwise Google won’t know how to rank them and you won’t feature high on search results.
  • Optimising your website for mobiles will increase the opportunity you have to be seen by travellers and enable you to accept mobile bookings for guests who plan their travel on the run.
  • Partner with other local sites to increase your inbound links. The more the better, both for traffic and search engine ranking.
    Visual content should always be a priority. No one will book your hotel site unseen.

Hotel Management – Ancillary Revenue Streams – The Hidden Gem

It is generally accepted that Revenue Management can only do that much to maximise the available inventory.

As long as hotels will continue to live inside the simple concept of providing a room and a restaurant important revenue is left on the table, up for grabs.

Hotels should aim to create spending opportunities for as wide a range of goods and services as possible.

Long gone are the days when the minibar really made money from just beers, coke and whiskey. The content should offer attractively priced local products and novelty articles. Even healthy snacks can be profitable, together with natural fruit juices and fresh fruits.

Room telephones are the biggest loser as the advent of mobile telecommunications rendered them obsolete in record time. To add insult to misery, hotels keep charging ridiculously high prices even for local calls, effectively pushing guests away from this revenue stream. In the long run it makes much more sense to offer a cleverly priced telephone service, where charges are similar to local carriers and advertised as such. Good rates for calling abroad, especially for top destinations based on the business mix can also add handsome annualised revenue figures.

All hotels have several special requests as luggage storage, electrical adaptors, umbrellas, city tours and restaurant bookings. Charging a small fee for some of them can prove extremely beneficial to the bottom line.

A 1 GBP / bag / day storage fee for departed guests can add as much as 25,000 GBP annualised to the revenue of a medium hotel.

Selling electrical adaptors can also bring in great profits. For only 15 sold every day the hotel can pocket eye-popping 20,000 GBP annualised revenues.

Waterproof plastic ponchos are fantastic items for tourists when exploring the city in a rainy day. Keeping 1 GBP in profit can add as much as 2,000 GBP every year.

All of the above ancillary initiatives together with well planned promotional welcome drinks and flash dinner sales offers can make someone’s arrival a memorable experience while adding substantially to the hotel’s revenue.

It is also well-known that large international chains tend to be quite slow in implementing new projects and therefore this can be an ideal opportunity for independent hotels and small groups to capitalise on creativity. The rewards can be far greater than the risks associated with such initiatives.

In the area of revenue streams the sky is the limit for creative minds and hotels should really aim to maximise revenue from every imaginable source as long as the core offer stays competitive and of good value to each guest.

What To Know About Lodging, Hotels, and Rentals Homes In Hawaii

When planning a trip or stay in Hawaii one of the first things to consider is lodging. While most people would start looking at hotels, one should consider looking into rental properties. Rental properties are homes, condos, villas or land available for rent for a period of time. Most can be rented for days or even weeks at a time.

Once deciding you would like to stay in a rental property, you need to choose which type you would like to stay in. Deciding factors would include number of people traveling; amenities needed, and amount of privacy you would like. If you are traveling with family you might want to consider renting a home, but if you are traveling as a couple you might consider getting a condo. If you are traveling with a large group of people that would like separate places but would like to stay in the same facility or on the same property you should consider looking into villas or attached condos. There are rental properties available to fit everyone’s needs.

Once you decide what type of rental property you would like to stay in, you should then deicide which island you would like to stay on. Hawaii is made up of eight major islands including Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Hawaii which is referred to as the big island. Who you are traveling with, and what activities you are planning on doing, should be considered while choosing which island to stay on. Each island has unique qualities and activities to do.

Another factor to considering when getting a rental property is deciding what month you would like to go in. The most popular times to go to Hawaii are mid-December to mid-April; during these times you will find prices to be a little higher due to large volumes of vacationers. The best weather in Hawaii can be found in April, May, September and October. Hurricane season is from June to November in Hawaii. These should be some factors in deciding when to plan your trip.

Once you have decided on what type of rental property you would like to stay in and what island you would like to stay on, and what month you are going, you then need to find your perfect rental property. Instead of going to your local travel agent, there are many sites available on the internet to book your perfect rental property.