A Look Into New York's Albany Hotels

New York is quite famous for its Albany hotels which are found in almost every major part of New York. There are numerous types of Albany hotels for you to choose from when you visit New York depending on what your requirements are.

The Crowne Plaza hotel

The Crowne Plaza is probably one of the best if not "the" best Albany hotel in New York. The largest plus point of this hotel for any business man visiting New York is that its located near the economic center of New York. It is also just walking distance from New York's legislative office. Additionally, there are also a number of area colleges in close proximacy.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is designed in a way that allows it to effectively cater to the needs of both family travelers and business people alike. The huge Crowne Plaza hotel has more than 300 guest rooms, suites and deluxe club accommodations. The perks of living in a room in the Crowne Plaza hotel includes luxurious comforters, piles of pillows, pillow top mattresses and triple sheets. All of this works to make guests feel at home.

The Crowine Plaza hotel is one of the many hotels in New York that offer their guests shuttle services to and from the train station and the international airport. The Crowne Plaza Hotel also boasts of a large business center which can handle your conventions, meetings, social gatherings and also weddings – meaning that you can actually have guests staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel and at the same time host an even there as well.

The Crowne Plaza offers its guests two dining options which include Webster's Corner and Kelsey's Irish Pub. The difference between the two is that Webster's Corner aims more towards serving breakfast and Kelsey's Irish Pub is great for relaxing while you have your lunch or dinner.

Hampton Inn and Suites

When visiting Albany, New York it's really hard not to notice the bright building in the skyline which is actually the Hampton Inn and Suites. The Hampton Inn and Suites is considered to be the best hotels in Albany. The staff at this hotel is well trained, professional, and are ready to cater to all of their visitor's needs. The hotel has around 121 guestrooms, 8 whirlpools, 35 suites, and one huge executive suite consisting of two rooms. The suites of the Hampton Inn and Suites have microwaves, refrigerators etc as part of the amenities offered.

The good thing about the Hampton Inn and Suites is that you can enjoy the riverfront when you are living in the Inn which is just a few blocks away. Yono is an onsite restaurant which serves all three meals ie breakfast lunch and dinner. The hotel also boasts a large sauna, a steam room, and a tanning bed. You can also get hot tea and coffee which is served in the lobby 24/7

Clarion Hotel

The Clarion hotel is a business type hotel which is probably geared towards business people who visit New York. The hotel has function rooms, and banquet areas which is great for gatherings and meetings. There is also a ballroom which is ideal for couples who are visiting New York – another plus of this hotel is that it's pet friendly.

In addition to the hotels mentioned above there are many other hotels located in Albany, New York. However it's imperative that you first do some research to find the hotel that fits your needs exactly and then book a room in advance. This will ensure that you save both time and money when you visit Albany.

Cairns Hotels – Essence of True Bliss

A visit to Cairns, the land of natural treasures, is truly awe-inspiring. The charm of the city has a lot to offer to all its travelers. The city experiences a warm tropical climate with a predominant wet season from December to April. Ranked as the fourth most visited tourist destination of Australia, Cairns is a paradise for nature lovers. Being a prime tourist hub in Far North Queensland region, it has well connected rail, road and sea connections. Cairns International Airport which is located at a distance of 7 kilometers north of Cairns City is the main airport that serves the region. The natural attractions, the pleasant weather and the well developed transport system draw tourists from all parts of the world. To promote the tourism industry of the country there are a good number of hotels, resorts and backpackers hostels in the city.


Spend your days in utmost comfort and luxury in the luxurious hotels of the city. Some of the best luxury hotels are Shangri-La Hotel and the Marina Cairns. Live in the elegant hotels of Cairns city which gives you a true understanding of opulence. Unwind your spirits in the comfortable rooms of the hotel. The friendly behavior and the attentive service of the staff would certainly delight you. Most of the hotels in Cairns are located in some scenic setting and offers excellent view of the surrounding. The stunning views of the nature are a visual treat for all. These luxury resorts are perfect to make your honeymoon a memorable experience of your life.

Comfort of the guests is the main aim of the hotels. For a fabulous dining experience there are delicious dishes served in the on-site restaurants of the hotel. Business travelers also visit the place through the year. There are many luxury hotels which have well equipped conference rooms. As Cairns is an important venue for adventure and sports lovers, the hotels offer many of these tours packages.

Apart from these there are several cheap hotels in the city. Although these hotels are designed to cater to the limited budget of the people, these ensure the comfort offered by any luxury hotel. Most of these good-value for money hotels offer all that are required to make a comfortable stay. There is a lot to see and a lot to do in the city. The close proximity of these hotels to varied sites of interest provides an easy access to all these attractions. You can dine in the on-site restaurants or can indulge in the water sports activities during your stay in these Cairns hotels.

Explore Thailand With Discounted Vacation Deals!

If you are planning to get away this summer on an exploring vacation then Thailand is the most opted one! As this summer is full of great holiday vacation deals and specials packages, you can not be less exited to treasure a memorable holiday with your loved ones.

Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia enveloped all over by Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. The place compounds mountains and forests in the north, Central Plains and the tropical islands in the peninsula south. Thailand vacation is the best package that offers tremendous attractions that begins from glorious temples, grand shopping malls to pulsating nightlife. Basically, it includes everything that you require for a wholesome holiday destination.

If you want to get into the detail of the place, majority of the population consist of ethnic Thai and are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. Most common language is Thai, however English and other European languages ​​are commonly spoken in almost all public places like shops, hotels, restaurants and various tourist destinations.

The hottest destination of Thailand is Bangkok, the capital city with diversity and one among the top vacation spots in the world. This is the best place for those looking for a thrill and adventurous vacation to elope from the daily hustles of life. The city is culturally famous as around 400 heritage temples are found in this beautiful city of Bangkok. Apart from the cultural places like temples of reclining Buddha, Bangkok is also famous for its amazing nightlife, Thai food, relaxation therapies or spa services, etc. In addition to this, the other beautiful vacation destinations and their specialty in Thailand are James Bond Island in Phuket, Ko Larn Coral Island in Pattaya, Waterfalls in Ko Samui, Wat Hat Yai Nai in Hat Yai, Elephant ride in Chiang Mai, etc.

Apart from the above, one of the best things in Thailand is its connectivity. It is connected to almost all the major airports, traveling to this place are really worthy endeavor. For your stay, you can choose from a wide array of luxury hotels to economic ones. Some of the best and popular places are listed below:

Amari Atrium Hotel – Midrange
Amari Don Muang Bangkok – Midrange
Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside – Midrange
Grand President Suites and Studios – Midrange
Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – Midrange
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok – Luxury
The Shangri La Hotel Bangkok – Luxury
Pathumwan Princess Hotel – Luxury
The Sukhothai Bangkok – Luxury
Xen Suites Bangkok Formerly Quality Suites – Midrange

Holidays in Florida – Where to Go and What to See

Florida, also known as "The Sunshine State" is so called for its clear skies and warm, inviting climate year round. And one of the Sunshine State's top destinations is the centrally located city of Orlando. Attracting international tourism for decades, Orlando is action packed with many places to see and things to do.

Hotels in Orlando range from the first-class and deluxe accommodation to the budget-friendly two star and up lodging conveniently located near to the city's main attractions. If your destination destination is Disney World, you may choose from Orlando hotels located inside the park and enjoy a special discount with Disney park admissions. In addition, you may opt for the surrounding Orlando area hotels, many of which will provide free shuttle service to and from Disney World.

Orlando is located in the center of the state, so first time travelers to Florida may wish to spend some time on one of the state's pristine beaches. Try an international flight into one of the seaside resort areas such as Miami, located about two hours from Greater Orlando. Miami hotels abound with options for sea view rooms or moderately priced accommodation that is walking distance to the beach.

Disney World and Epcot Center are the main attractions for the millions of visitors that make their way to Orlando each year. Tickets may be purchased at the main gate for a one-day's admission, or preferably, you may opt to purchase a multi-day pass.

In addition to the Disney attractions, Orlando is teaming with interesting places to explore. For an adventurous evening out for dinner and floor show, try Medieval Times for a hearty meal and interactive entertainment. The show is set in a lavish English-style castle with a thrilling performance from the knights on horseback. Watch the jousting and expert equestrian showmanship while pampered by your "wench" with a four course meal. Medieval Times is opened daily and reservations are strongly recommended.

And when you need to find that perfect souvenir, Orlando is a shopping paradise with many outlet malls to serve you. Shop till you drop at Orlando Premium Outlets for best bargain deals and savings up to 75% off retail. Located at 8200 Vineland Ave, this mega shopping center has over 150 stores that carry international brands to include Armani, Barney's of New York, Fendi, Nike and more.

Another popular choice for best bargain shopping is the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, located just minutes from Walt Disney World at 15657 S. Apopka Vineland Road. This favorite shop spot features Disney merchandise at huge discounts and has an action-packed playground for the kids. Free shuttle service may be arranged from participating Orlando hotels with pick-ups listening at 9 AM.

Booking your holiday in Orlando may be made through a pre-planned itinerary or a self-guided tour with local hotels. The length of stay in this bustling city should be at least five nights to enjoy everything Disney has made available and take in the sights, sounds and flavors of Orlando's fine restaurants and nightlife.

Traveling With Special Circumstances

In the National Lampoon Vacation movies anything that can go wrong to Chevy Chase does. The hotel isn’t as described in the brochure, the car is too small and the amusement park is closed; the list could go on. With the introduction of the Internet into the average American home, planning vacations has become easier than ever. Incidentally, when vacationing we all have special circumstances, including children, pets, disabilities or medical requirements. And sometimes your destination makes all the difference.

These are the answers to a few frequently asked travel questions, and tips to remember when traveling with special circumstances.

Flying. Flying has become one of the most common forms of travel, but as airlines get bigger they need to accommodate a larger number of people and their demands.

Flying With Children. Always inform the airline you are traveling with children when you by your tickets. Reservations for infants and children under 2 cannot be made on most online travel sites. You must contact the airline directly.

    • Newborns. Most airlines will not allow a child under seven-days old to travel on any plane. Often if the child is that young they will also require a doctor’s permission slip.
    • Small Children. There is usually two options when traveling with small children, lap or buy a seat. If the child is less than 2-years old they can sit in your lap for domestic flights. Most airlines do not charge for lap children. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can buy a seat and place the child in an FAA approved restraint. Buying a ticket for these children is usually discounted substantially and most car seats are approved. Double-check the airline for FAA requirements. All international flights require children to be in restraints.

Unaccompanied Minors. It’s not uncommon for children to fly alone. Many are seasoned travelers bouncing between parents, friends or relatives. Most airlines will take responsibly of minors for a fee. The cost is usually between $50 and $100 depending on the airline. Additionally, the age requirements may differ. For most, children between the ages of 5 and 7 are only allowed on direct flights. Children between 8 and 14 can fly on connecting flights. The age when children are not required an escort depends on the airline. For example, Delta requires all children under the age of 14 to have an escort whereas with United, children over 12 it’s optional.

Pets. Many airlines accommodate animals of different sizes. You can take them as carry-on, checked as baggage or shipped. Some states require a health certificate. It is suggested to have all veterinary paper work available including shots. Always call the airline or check their website before booking your ticket. Some are more restrictive than others.

Most animals must be 8 to 12-weeks old to fly. The American Veterinary Medical Association suggest not to sedate cats and dogs. This may effect their natural equilibrium and cause injury. Many of these tips and suggestions are for domestic flights in the 48 continental United States. International restrictions and fares may vary.

    • Carry-on. Carry on pets must be small enough to fit into a kennel under the seat in front of you. There is usually a fee of about $50 to $100 per animal. Most airlines only accept cats and dogs. Delta will also accept, birds, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, whereas, SouthWest doesn’t accept pets of any kind.
    • Checked Baggage. Larger warm-blooded mammals and birds are usually checked as baggage. Animals must be in comfortable kennels and are taken at the check-in counter and retrieved in baggage claim. They are safely placed under the plane in a pressurized and heated compartment. There is usually a $100 charge for checking your animal. Sometimes it is more difficult for baggage handlers to get your pet to your connecting flight. When booking your flight remember to give yourself between a one and three hour layover.
    • Air Cargo. Many airlines have cargo services. This is for those shipping pets to friends or family without their owner. Rates depend on size and destination of the animal. Check your carrier’s website for further details. Always include identification tags with your address and phone number as well as the address and phone number of the person receiving the animal. Additionally, do not put a leash or muzzle on the animal, this may cause a choking hazard.

Disabilities. All airlines are dedicated to making everyone’s travel comfortable. Most airlines are wheelchair accessible and willing to work with people with all kinds of disabilities. Always inform the airline if you or a loved one has special needs prior to departure. This allows the staff to prepare for your accommodations.

Many airlines can provide Braille safety cards, captioned safety videos, individual safety briefings, onboard wheelchairs and more. Guide dogs are usually accepted as checked baggage and don’t require a fee. Many airlines will also accommodate those with food allergies or related illnesses like diabetes.

Hotels and Cars. Always contact your hotel or rental company to make special arrangement regarding lodging and transportation. Most hotels and car companies will try to accommodate you in all ways. When traveling with special circumstances like children, pets or disabilities, always take your hotel and on-ground travel arrangements into account.

If you plan to take the family dog on vacation with you, keep a few things in mind when booking your lodging. Although the hotel may accept pets, ask where they stay, in the room or in a hotel kennel. Furthermore, find out if the hotel offers walking services. If you are sightseeing all day, you don’t want your poor pup stuck in the room needing to visit the grassy knoll across the street.

For small children, most hotels can provide a playpen or crib for them to sleep in. Many car rental companies can also provide car seats and additional child restraints.

Cruises. Pets are not aloud on most cruise liners; however, children are. Most cruises provide several forms of entertainment for children while at sea. If you decide to cruise with children always look into the liner’s child services prior to booking a room.

    • Children and Young Adults. There are usually several free, child-friendly activities previously planned by the cruise liner to keep kids and young adults busy. Activities include arts and crafts, movies, games and child friendly pools. Sometimes the cruise liner will have teen dances and teen specialized activities.
    • Children under Two. Children under 2-years old are not usually eligible for activities. However, most liners offer babysitting services from about $6 to $10 an hour.
    • Disabilities. Many cruise liners try to accommodate those with disabilities to the best of their ability. All floors have elevators and are wheelchair accessible. Those in wheelchairs, requiring oxygen tanks or health requirements usually board and disembark before the general public. Those with sight or hearing disabilities may need to make extra special arrangement with the liner prior to purchasing tickets.

Traveling in today’s day and age can be a tricky business. There are so many circumstances to take into account. Always remember airlines, hotels, car rentals and cruises are ultimately in the hospitality business. They understand there are special circumstances and all are fully trained to accommodate you and your loved ones.

4 Star Resorts In Ooty

There are several 4 star resorts in Ooty for customers who don’t mind paying more premium for a comfortable and memorable stay. Most of the 4 star Ooty resorts are located away from the din of the crowds. They have all the modern facilities that you could ever wish for and much more. Let’s have a look at some of the 4 star resorts in Ooty.

Gem Park is a nice resort cum hotel in Ooty. This is a business cum leisure resort and it has all the facilities and amenities so that there is no need for the guests to go out of the resort in case they require something. The service is very efficient and the rooms are spacious.

All rooms have modern amenities such as TV and telephone. The bathrooms have 24 hours hot and cold running water. The resort is located away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Gem Park will ensure that you have the most memorable stay in Ooty. The Monarch is another great resort in Ooty. The prices of rooms are about $75 per night.

Then we have the Sinclairs Hill Resort. This resort is located 800 metres above the ground on a small hill. The rooms offer excellent view of the mountain ranges. Then you also have the Fernhill Palace Hotel which is in the heart of the city. From here you can reach any location in Ooty within a short period of time.

We also have the Lakeview resort which is a hopping distance from the Ooty Lake. This resort is luxurious and offers excellent services to the guests. Last but not the least is the Welcome Group Sullivan Court. This is a 4 star resort cum hotel property named after john Sullivan who was the founder of Ooty.

Buying Towels for Use in Hotels

In any hotel setting towels are the items that guests use the most and most intimately. After they enter the room, the towel is often the first thing they touch and then the last before they leave. This article will briefly look at what defines quality in towels and what can be useful to know in buying them for hotel use.

Origins and Quality

Pure Egyptian cotton usually provides the best feeling of quality as it is softer than most other cotton. Cotton fibres originating in the ‘Nile Delta’ are longer and produce threads that are finer and able to be woven tightly together in 2-ply yarns that make for soft, strong and resilient towels. Whilst more expensive, in a trade environment these qualities can save money in the long term.

Turkish cotton towels are also produced using long fibres and are understood to be very absorbent and can provide more practicality. Pima Cotton has its origins in Peru, but now refers to a premium cotton largely from the Americas. The fibres here are usually not as long as with Egyptian cotton but Pima cotton is also known to be very absorbent, strong and long lasting.

Whilst not common practice, perhaps Egyptian cotton is better suited to the use by hand and face; whereas Turkish and Pima cotton are perhaps more useful for bath and beach towels.

Cotton blends with polyester fibres are cheaper and sometimes more durable, they are particularly useful in having less wrinkles after laundering. But they are rarely as soft or as absorbent as pure cotton and will inevitably give the impression of economy to the guest as they ‘feel’ the room for the first and maybe last time.

GSM and Combing

GSM stands for grams per square metre and indicates the weight of a towel. A high GSM number means a heavier towel which will absorb more moisture. 800 GSM is often cited as ‘hotel quality’ – where a luxurious feel is implied – but GSM of around 500 is commonly used in trade environments.

‘Combing’ is a production technique which removes the shorter fibres so that the towel will maintain its shape and structure – helpful in towels that will be used only briefly then laundered.


The three most common formats for towels are (approximately):

Hand Towels – 50 x 90cm;

Bath Towels -70 x 140 cm;

Bath Sheets – 100 x 150.

There are also leisure or ‘beach’ towels which can be useful to provide for guests if there are swimming facilities and should be of the hardest wearing quality, sized either to that of a bath towel or a bath sheet. Similarly, there are spa towels. Provided where there are gym/spa facilities on site.

Header Bars

Laundering towels is an essential part of housekeeping. Towel header bars are the strips across the tops of the towel where the weave is different from the rest of the fabric. Along with the general look and feel of the towel, these bars also provide an important means of quickly identifying towels. The number of bars can be used to rapidly identify what size towel is being taken from the wash. This speeds up laundering time, storage and placement in the hotel room. One bar for hand towels, two bars for bath towels and three bars for larger towels. The specific weave of the towel header bar can also be used to give the specific hotel towels an in-built label. So if out-sourced laundering mistakes occur, the towels belonging to a specific hotel can be identified.

Checklist for Finding the Best Flights Around the World

Traveling is fun, especially if you are traveling thousands of miles for spending a holiday or visiting your old friend. Traveling on buses on trains is not imaginable for long distances making air travel the ultimate option. The prices of air travel differ by country and the airlines. Sometimes the difference is very large and choosing the cheaper one can save lots on costs. But low cost flights may always not be the best option. Low cost flights are relatively less furnished and provide very less facilities to the passengers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick the best flight to any destination.

Your nation or place of visit makes the largest difference in the flight costs. Journeying from Melbourne to New York would cost a couple of folds more than traveling from Melbourne to Sydney. If you are traveling very far, you have to work your backside off before finding the cheapest flight deal. Start looking for the cheap airlines months before your journey and book it a few weeks before because inexpensive flights get packed easily.

The airfares in general hike up in the tourist season. For example, should you wish to travel to Thailand during the summer, you will have to pay more because during summer, more holidaymakers flock to Thailand. So, if you are a budget traveler, it is ideal to travel during the off seasons. The increase in price of fuel also induces the air fare to upsurge. Airlines therefore charge much more than the regular price to meet the expenses. But the slump in oil costs can be beneficial as airlines bring down the air fare on such events. You need to understand this and if you want to travel cheap, better not purchase your tickets when the oil prices are high.

Generally, airlines offer flights at cheaper or discounted rates particularly during their anniversaries or some special occasion. Keep tabs on such announcements and get a ticket when the discount offer is still valid. Internet is the best source to keep yourself informed on them. But generally, such announcements are also made through newsprints and Televisions.

One thing that you need to understand is that the cheapest flight is not always the best flight. If you look for more luxury, economy flights typically are not the best option for you. Research online and see what other people say about an airline. Start a discussion at travel forums enquiring the pros and cons of a flight and see what other individuals say about it. On cheap flights, you by and large do not get any snacks or drinks. You will need to compromise with many things if you are traveling via inexpensive flights.

You can have the benefit of cheap flights during certain festive times of year. Like during Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, the air travel prices are down between 15 to 20 percent for long distance flights. The prices are taken down even for short distance flights but by comparatively lesser amount. Some airways offer round trip packages if you are traveling long distances and to multiple cities. They often come with a holiday package but there are individual travel packages too. If you need to make such trips, such packages may be handy and very affordable.

If you are buying your tickets from a travel agent, be heedful to check out the prices with a grateful of them. Sometimes, the price for the same flight can differ from one travel agent to another. It will cost you less to buy direct from the concerned airlines. Do proper research on the internet and you'll unquestionably find the best flight deal.

Best and Worst Times to Travel to Europe

When planning your European trip, check your arrival and departures dates and see if they take into account peak, off-peak and shoulder travel periods.

Peak periods are the times when majority of travelers fly in and out of countries and these periods usually coincide with school holidays, Christmas, Easter and New Year. The country you are flying into will also have peak periods unique to that country, so expect flights and accommodation to be heavily booked and tickets to be more expensive. This peak period generally covers late December to January (because of the Christmas season) and late June to the end of August (summer break). Travel during the Christmas holidays can be difficult as plane ticket prices soar and ski resorts start overcharging. Public transport is also reduced in most areas since only a few trains will leave on Christmas day. The “shoulder period” is in spring and autumn and the low or “off-peak” periods are usually in the remaining months and in the winter.

If you have only a limited time to see Europe, your best bet is to fly in and out during a shoulder period. Prices are almost at their lowest and travel conditions are great because you can avoid the crowds and the overpricing. If you have a lot of time to spare in Europe, try flying in the low season when fares are cheapest so you have more money to spread over your stay. It’s always a good idea to start checking airfares 3-4 months before you leave. Airlines are starting to discount in order to reward early bookers and there’s a lot time to wait if you think they’re too high. The cheapest ticket prices might turn up on the net or at your ticket office at anytime. And while you’re at it, make sure you’ve already reserved your accommodation 6 weeks to 2 months before you leave. It’s a good idea to reserve a hotel for your arrival and departure days. The rest can be reserved afterwards. Also, remember to check for travel dangers and updates. Your government and insurance company might draw the line if you visit a certain territory they’ve warned you about. Be informed about the dangers and uprisings in the country you are visiting and do last-minute updates to check conditions right before you leave.

For most seasoned travelers, the best time to see Europe is from April to June and September to October when the weather is still warm, the holiday crowds have left and accommodation and transport are regularly priced.

In contrast, the single worst time to visit most parts of Europe (especially the western and southern countries) is the month of August. This is when many Europeans leave and take their holidays in nearby countries as well. The cities can be deserted and as a result, accommodation prices shoot up and finding a bed can be very difficult. Buses and trains will often be packed and it can be a struggle to get a seat while you cross countries. Even most tourist shops and sites can be closed because the proprietors have gone on holiday as well! There’s little doubt that July and August are the busiest tourist months in Europe (mainly because of Americans on vacation) and it will require a lot of patience and money. Avoid these months as much as you can. If you really must travel in the high season, your best course of action is to stay away from the major cities and choose the off-track towns and villages and indulge in the local culture.

Workouts that Travel

With more people travelling on business and for pleasure than ever before, the greater the need to learn how to exercise effectively while away from home.

Traveling should not bring your fitness program to a grinding holt. Be creative in your exercise choices, be realistic and manage your time more effectively regardless of how busy your itinerary is.

Research shows that 4 x 15 minute sessions of exercise are just as effective as 1 x 60 minute session. End result – more efficient use of your time, greater energy expenditure, boosting your metabolism four times instead of one, and a physiological production of happy hormones and endorphins throughout the day to keep you energised, in good spirits and mentally alert.

So how does this relate to exercise? Before breakfast, put your trainers on and hit the gym for a 10 minute run and a stretch, or go for a swim. After lunch walk for 15 minutes around the hotel grounds. This will also help the digestion process so you don’t feel full when get back to work again. Once your meetings have finished hit the gym for a quick 15-20 minute circuit blast of strength training. Circuit training will ensure your heart rate remains elevated, maximising your energy expenditure, completing your workout in much less time and create a new training response for your body to adapt and respond to. Forget about your 3 sets of 10. If you have access to a gym, work through all your exercises one at a time, alternating muscle groups. Then hit the shower to get ready for your dinner engagement. It really is as easy as that!

You will need to be disciplined to do it the first time, but once you have tried it once, it will become just as routine as cleaning your teeth – and you will feel fantastic!

Here are some other tips to increase your physical activity while travelling on business:

o Schedule your exercise sessions as you would business appointments. They are just as important and essential to your wellbeing especially while travelling on business.

o Brainstorm while colleagues while walking instead of in a meeting room

o Walk around the airport while waiting to board the plane.

o Walk instead of taking the escalator, you will find that you get there faster than those who take the ride!

o Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or get off a few floors early and walk the rest of the way.

o Pack your resistance tubes.

o Pack your jump rope.

Try these simple yet very effective steps to maximise your activity, productivity and performance while travelling on business.

Good luck with your future fitness endeavours.

Yours in Health,

Daniel Remon.

Fitcorp Asia specialises in Executive Fitness Programs for busy professionals.