Bangkok No Joiner Fee Hotels – Where to Find Them and Other Helpful Bangkok Hotel Tips

If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok Thailand specifically to visit the crazy red light districts then you’ll most likely be bringing a companion back to your room. Before you do, make sure the hotel has a no joiner fee policy. The definition of a “Joiner Fee”in a nutshell is a way for hotels to make a bit of extra cash from you whenever you take someone up to your room for an overnight stay. The joiner fee is usually 500THB but can be more depending on each hotel.

So if that’s what you’re planning on doing in Bangkok then you have to book a hotel that is guest or girl friendly. Guest friendly is the more popular term since many hotel guests have differing sexual preferences.

Guest friendly hotels do not require their guest to pay a joiner fee, however, for your safety your companion must hand in a Thai I.D. card to security for holding, which will be returned when your companion leaves.

On some Internet forums there are tips that recommend that you should book a room for two, and that would justify you to not pay a joiner fee. Sounds like it would work right? Well if only it’s that easy. Non guest friendly hotels want to make extra money. Since the sex trade is so much in demand they’ll try to make extra money off of you. The odds are already stacked against you.

So say for example you book a room for two in a non guest friendly hotel in Bangkok for 5 nights. The first night you take your companion back to your hotel. Since it’s night time, hotel security will scrutinize you and your guest. 9 out of 10 times a guard can always spot a prostitute. Even if you rant and rave and complain until your face turns blue that you already booked a room for two,  hotel management will still demand you pay a joiner fee. And if you threaten to check out early… well good luck on getting your money back for your remaining room reservation. That’s just the way things work in Bangkok. And hotel management knows eventually you’ll give in. After all they know they’re guest will not send away their companion.

The best thing to do is to book a hotel that is guest friendly to avoid the hassle of paying a joiner fee. Guest friendly hotels are located mainly in the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok. It’s a tourist friendly location, meaning there are plenty of international restaurants and shopping all around. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Sukhumvit contains two of Bangkok’s raunchiest red light districts such as Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Keep in mind that guest friendly hotels are very popular and in demand. Not only because they are girl friendly but because they are very affordable and the hotel property is very well maintained with a high standard in service. So it’s best to book far in advance and be prepared to pick second and third choices to increase the chance of staying in a guest friendly hotel.

Talking Business: Conference Centres or Hotels?

Large conferences are a chance for your business to shine, for your delegates to demonstrate their knowledge and to gain some more. If you’re the company or establishment that’s been tasked with organising the conference, the venue you choose is a direct reflection on you. Few businesses have the facilities to hold a large scale conference in their own headquarters, so there are two choices: conference centres or hotels with conferencing facilities. Which one should you choose?

Hotels are undeniably a respectable choice for conferences, with the strong advantage of offering accommodation to delegates on site. However, there are problems too. In hotels there is always the risk that a conference could be being held right alongside weddings and other celebrations. This can mean interruptions for the conference and could mean that accommodation is limited for delegates.

Conference centres are purpose built and staff are especially trained to deal with the needs of conference delegates, even if more than one conference is happening at the same time. Conference centres may not offer accommodation but they are always built close to a range of hotels. This means that delegates may choose hotels which are convenient and appropriate for them and their budget.

For many hotels, conference provision is something of an afterthought, meaning that it isn’t necessarily done well. Delegates very often travel a long way to conferences, so location is everything. Because conference centres are built for their purpose, they are conveniently situated near road and rail links, and very often close to airports too.

The Manilow Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Many of the most successful casinos in Las Vegas are themed, from Caesar’s Palace with its ancient Roman theme to Luxor with its ancient Egyptian one. The Manilow Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino has the obvious theme of Paris, France. Further, as the name suggests, it is also the Las Vegas home of Barry Manilow, the famous singer. After Barry Manilow, the hotel and casino is best known for its one third scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, which offers some of the best views – and photo opportunities – of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Casino

Though it is by no means the largest casino in Las Vegas, the Manilow Paris Las Vegas has turned itself into one of the most romantic hotel casinos in the city. The gaming itself is fairly limited but should have enough to keep most people fairly happy. The casino has some 1,700 slot machines, which are arranged around the base of the famous replica of the Eiffel Tower. They also offer Keno and sports betting. The area devoted to race and sports’ betting is state of the art and brilliantly put together, and offers all the perks that an avid bettor could ever want.

As for the actual gambling, the Manilow Paris offers baccarat (and mini-baccarat), craps, Pai Gow Poker, poker, and roulette. As for the poker, they offer tables for both recreational players and professionals as well as the choice between Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud. Pai Gow Poker, which integrates some of the rules from Chinese dominoes (Pai Gow) and American poker has become standard throughout American casinos. Despite the Paris theme, the Manilow Paris does NOT offer European – sometimes referred to as French – roulette, with a single zero on the wheel. Instead it is the normal American roulette with the double zero which significantly lowers your chances of winning.

The Hotel

As part of the Harrah’s Entertainment family of hotel casinos, the largest in the United States, the Manilow Paris reflects the same sense of affordable luxury that the company’s other properties do and if you ask for it, you can receive discounts and other hotel deals in Las Vegas [] and additional information for events and entertainments provided by other Harrah’s hotel casinos in town. The overall market strategy of the Manilow Paris is one of French sophistication couples with a romantic sentiment, making it an excellent choice for newlyweds or couples that would appreciate a bit more romance than many of the Strips hotel casinos can offer.

There is also a full a full service spa, the Paris Spa by Mandara, which features everything you would expect from a modern spa, as well as added amenities such as a full fitness center and personal trainers. Operated by Mandara, from Bali, the spa is distinctive and generally well reviewed and certainly unique to Las Vegas. The Manilow Paris also emphasizes the nightlife, and hosts six different all night venues ranging from the ultra-modern Risqué nightclub to various jazz lounges. Beyond Barry Manilow and Anthony Cools (the illusionist), as part of the Harrah’s family of companies, the Manilow Paris routinely features world class entertainment opportunities and can help guests see shows at other Harrah’s locations in Las Vegas.

Venetian Tradition In The Hospitality Industry – Hotel Saturnia & International

Hotel Saturnia & International and its venetian tradition

The Hotel Saturnia is one of those few Hotels in Venice that are not "Just an Hotel" in town, many of the accommodation facilities in town are simply buildings born to accommodate the increasing demand of potential guests willing to visit the serenissima and its unique lagoon , especially all the new hotels that are impressively quickly growing nowdays, are just a simple business aimed enterprises ….

Have you ever been in a four stars Venice Hotel with very little service, no restaurant, no bar facility etc. etc. so then you should have clear what I am intending.

Hotel Saturnia owners are just simply doing their job as mission, are hoteliers for passion, tradition, ambition, keeping their great 4 stars hotel since 4 generations and operating under the same family named management since 1908. If you ever had the chance to stay in a hotel like this one in Venice, or somewhere else (since I do not know any similar in town) after or before Hotel Saturnia you will notice that a hotel is not just just rooms where to rest.

A Hotel with a restaurant may be important, and a great Hotel simply can not be without it, a great Hotel must guarantee service with its staff and not simply hand-in the keys of your room.
Hotel Saturnia has more than 100 employees for 90 rooms and all the divisions are directly managed from the managements / owners so no outsourcing for maintenance, maids, dishwasher, maids etc. etc. this policy does have a cost but the result is in a great service to the guest that is always first at the Hotel Saturnia.

Here below some good Venice Hotels to consider

A Few Ways That a Luxury Hotel Will Provide You With a Unique Experience

If you are thinking about booking a weekend in a hotel then you may be tempted by the idea of staying in a luxury hotel. But how exactly does a luxury hotel differ from a standard hotel, and why is it worth spending a bit more for a luxury experience?

Best Service Possible

You will want for nothing when you stay in a luxury hotel. Everything is taken into consideration so that when you will arrive you will never find yourself asking why your room is missing an important feature or why no one is there to carry your bags up the stairs for you. In a 5 star hotel, the aim is always to make you feel like royalty so that you never feel that the service is anything less than perfect.

Perfect Down to the Smallest Details

Some standard hotels may look pleasant initially, but it is not hard to come across little details that make you feel that you are not getting a top-end experience. In a luxury hotel, however, you will find that even the tiniest of details are of the highest quality.

The decor will all have been chosen specially and a lot of thought will have gone into it. Those tiny fittings will be luxury products, and it will all be cared for exquisitely so that you never have cause for complaint.

Everything Catered For

The whole aim of the staff at a luxury hotel is to make sure that you never find that something is lacking. That means you will always be able to order food to your room at any time of the day or night, the 24-hour reception will be staffed by multilingual staff, and the little touches such as personalised greetings will be taken into account, so you may find that when you turn up there is a little note and maybe even a glass of champagne waiting for you.

Then of course there will be features such as a luxury spa treatment, a gymnasium and other similar things. And if you ever need anything, your every wish will be their command. For example if you forget something important then you will always be able to find a spare when you stay in a luxury hotel.

Better Overall Experience

The whole point of a luxury hotel is that you leave knowing that the experience was far superior to anything that you would be able to enjoy in a standard hotel. There is simply nothing better than leaving after your weekend in your hotel feeling refreshed and relaxed and knowing that nothing could have been more perfect.


Book Your Stay in a Luxury Hotel

If you are thinking about booking a night or a weekend away in a hotel, consider making your stay into a luxury one. At a luxury hotel the experience will be completely different from anything else that you can experience in a standard hotel, so if you want to be made to feel really special then book yourself into a luxury hotel next time you fancy a few nights away.

Airport Hotels With Park Stay Fly Packages – How and Why

When you have an early morning flight, and you know you’re going to have to leave your car somewhere at the airport, what are the best options for you to be able to catch your flight on time?

If you’re like me, you don’t want to pay exorbitant airport parking fees at the airport longterm parking lot. And you don’t want to leave your nice car there to be vandalized or broken into. So what are your options?

Well personally I like to know where I’m going to park in advance so when I get to the airport, I know exactly where to go. Without having to drive around looking for an open lot thats not already full.

So the first thing I do is check available deals online. With rates available from around 6.25 per day to upwards of 20.00 a day, I am very careful to make sure I am getting the best deal.

Since I don’t live too close to the airport, I also don’t want to deal with early morning rush hour traffic, worrying whether or not I will get to the airport on time.

So My first choice is always a park sleep fly package at an airport hotel that I can trust to get me to the airport on time. I look for deals where I would pay just about the same as parking alone would cost, at a hotel who’s shuttles run all night in case my flight is really early in the morning.

You’d be surprised at the deals you can get. Sometimes I pay less than if I was to use an airport parking lot alone, and I get to stay at the hotel the night before or the night after my trip. It all depends on your needs.

For instance, if I know my flight is coming in late when I return, I don’t want to drive home all tired. So I will get my room for when I return.

The same if my flight leaves early in the morning, I don’t want to be half asleep driving to the airport. So I book my room for the night before.

These park sleep fly packages are very flexible, and if you need to leave your car a few extra days, there’s usually only a small per day fee compared to other lots.

With gas prices these days, you’ll be glad you planned for your airport parking and booked it in advance, so you don’t have to drive around wasting gas just to park your car.

Explore the Sunshine State's Hidden Gems With Florida Hotels

As holiday destinations go, you can not get more full on and fabulous than Florida. Framed for its array of theme parks and tourist spots, Florida has a lot more to it than mouse ears and rollercoasters! Choose from the vast array of gorgeous Florida hotels on offer to explore from. Make sure you check out these less obvious places …

FISHING: Fishing fans or not, it's a whole new world in Florida especially since you'll be enjoying it from a beautiful yacht! Providing some of the best fishing possible, the Floridian waters are home to fish such as marlin, sailfish and tuna. Serious fishers needs to head to Islamorada, considering the capital of sport-fishing in the world.

NATIONAL PARKS: And it's not just beaches the state has – Florida benefits from one of America's most unusual and different National Parks – the Everglades. Located at the southern tip of the state, the park is made up of approximately 1.5 million acres of swamps and jungles, as well as being the place many endangered animals call home! The best way to see the most of the park is to ride on an airboat and cruise your way through the murky, mysterious waters. See if you can spot an alligator or even the infamous Florida panther. Ask at one of the Florida hotels as to the best way to get there. Just do not forget the insect spray!

BEACHES: Florida beaches have to be seen to be believed. Many Florida hotels have access to a beach, but be sure to visit the big guns such as South Beach, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach or the beach ranked number one in America Fort De Soto.

ORLANDO: Dubbed The City Beautiful due to its lush landscape and spotless natural parks, Orlando boasts more than 300 lakes and rivers, wildlife lodging preserves and parks and many open public places. Along with its natual beauty, Orlando has a vast and well-rounded museum scene. Enjoy the stained-glass works of Louis Comfort Tiffany at Charles Hosmer Morse Museum or see ancient American art from pre-historic times to the present day at the Orlando Museum of Art.

Dublin Hotels Offer Great Deals in Economic Downturn

The early days of March in Ireland are cold and frosty but there is an expectancy in the air as the days begin to stretch out and the prospect for a good spring and summer season bring some optimism to a beleaguered Ireland travel industry. As with many sectors of the Irish economy, travel and accommodation have been particularly affected by the free fall in the fortunes of Ireland Inc.

The last three years have seen the demise of the once thriving engine of the construction industry which employed hundreds of thousands of jobs and vast amounts of revenue to the Government coffers. The catalyst for all this was the decade old property bubble that burst with enormous casualties in 2008. The resulting mayhem brought down banks, collapsed property prices and propelled Ireland from being one of the wealthiest countries in the world to one of the poorest, requiring the intervention of the IMF and EU to rescue it. This came at a crippling cost that will be paid by the citizens for generations to come in the form of heavier taxes and reduced social services.

But the Irish are nothing if not resilient in the face of adversity. Optimism is a virtue that is abundant in Ireland. Having just thrown out the incompetent Government that overseen all the chaos, it feels like the start of new dawn in which the people dust themselves down and proceed to start all over. Nowhere is this more evident than in the tourism business which has the potential to rescue the country from the current problems that engulf it.

St Patrick’s Day on March 17th heralds the start of the new tourist season running forth to September and early October. Ireland has a huge diaspora dissipated all over the world and it is this that travel chiefs are banking on the support of to be a saviour of Irish tourism in the coming years. The success of tourism could partly, at least, compensate for the losses in other industry areas. Travel and hospitality are by their very nature labour intensive and generate jobs on a much higher ratio to investment than construction or financial services, for example.

For travelers to Ireland, the crisis in the economy presents great opportunities in value holidays and vacations. Rates of hotel and other types of accommodation have been slashed compared to the past where the country was regarded as being expensive to stay in. Dublin hotels, which were notorious in the past for excessive pricing, are now much more affordable.

Dublin offers so many attractions to the visitor to Ireland and the bustling city is also an excellent base from which to explore other regions of the country. St Patrick’s Day in Dublin is now actually a week of celebrations and provides a super opportunity to discover all the wonderful aspects of Irish heritage, music and culture as well as having a ball meeting the witty and indefatigable ordinary Dublin people who are most genuine and sincere in their welcome for visitors.

St. Patrick’s Day opens the door to the Irish tourist season. Why not step inside?

An Unusually Fine Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska

Travelers to the northern reaches of the United States have no shortage of hotels in Anchorage to choose from; but for the discriminating traveler the choice of luxury hotels is clear. There are several first class rated hotels in Anchorage, but there is only one that is truly unique in service and style, truly first-class, and has hotel accommodations truly worth the visit. The hotel is a member of the distinguished Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.

The Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage AK would have considered a world-class hotel anywhere in the world. Of course, to be world-class, you have to be more than upscale and luxurious. To be a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide requires an exceptional service that does not come from a manual, and an exceptional staff whose only objective is to please. The Hotel Captain Cook fulfills these goals with flair and an obsessive attention to detail.

The Hotel Captain Cook is independently owned and operated. Anchorage Alaska is literal the only place in the world you'll find this hotel. And excellent hotel accommodations are just the beginning. At the Hotel Captain Cook, in addition to excellent luxury hotel accommodations there are guest services such as a full-featured Business Center, an on site Concierge, and many more. And many of the 96 suites and over 400 hotel rooms have views of the spectacular Cook Inlet or the Chugach Mountains.

But the best hotel in Anchorage has that magical, indefinable quality that attracts people back time and again. Other hotels provide a hotel room – the Hotel Captain Cook provides cache. Other hotels manufacture the same experience wherever you are in Anchorage Alaska or New York – the staff of the Hotel Captain Cook share with you their passion for creating unforgivable memories of the rich and beautiful land of the North.

Why You Must Visit Chennai And Good Chennai Hotels for Your Next Stay

Are you asking yourself the question ‘why visit Chennai’? Find out more about Chennai tourist attractions and things to do in the city. Also check out some quality Chennai hotels.

Chennai formerly known as Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It was one of the earliest British settlements in India and the site of Fort St. George- the British administrative seat. Chennai has long associations with various European powers and presents an interesting mixture of European and Dravidian culture. The city is a major IT hub and the home of the insanely popular Tamil Film Industry. It is also the birth center for many south Indian arts like Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music. The distinctive cuisine of Chennai is a must try too especially filter Kaapi (coffee) and Chettinad Pepper Chicken. Some popular Chennai tourist attractions are Marina beach, Kapaleeswarar Temple, St. Thomas Church and St. Thomas Mount. Marina beach is the largest and one of the most popular beaches in Chennai. Take a long walk on the beach and you will find a beautiful promenade and many elegant colonial buildings. The Chepauk Palace is a popular gathering for locals and is quite a lively place during evenings. Chennai is a beautiful city that is cosmopolitan and conservative at the same time and attracts people who love its distinctive culture.

Good & Affordable Hotels in Chennai

Hotel Ashok Residency is one of the sought after budget hotels in Chennai and is located close to the airport. Its accessible location makes it a major draw among tourists. It enjoys almost 80% customer recommendation which means 8 out of 10 people would like to visit again. The hotel has been praised by its former guests for its location, facilities and service. The hotel offers well furnished and well equipped rooms that cost Rs.1500. The hotel also offers a multi cuisine restaurant, conference facility and 24 hour room service.

Hotel Breeze is a 3 star hotel that is located in the heart of the city. The hotel enjoys a healthy 65% customer recommendation and is known for its quality service, facilities and its location. One of the popular hotels in Chennai it has created its own loyal fan base. The hotel offers completely air conditioned rooms equipped with all major amenities like mini refrigerators, cable TV and attached bath. It also offers a multi-cuisine restaurant, complimentary breakfast, bar, travel desk and parking facility. The room rates start from Rs.3800.

Hotel Manhattan is a 2 star hotel located close to the Marina beach in Chennai. The hotel is known for its superior service and it facilities. Its sea facing rooms offer a beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal and are quite popular with guests. The hotel offers centrally air conditioned rooms equipped with all major facilities. The rooms are considered to be good value for money and costs Rs.2000.